• students must complete one – either Project 1 or 2, pick the one of most interest personally and/or professionally.

• These projects will require that you utilize the Internet or other resources beyond your textbook to complete.. Since each project is different, there are no maximum resources required; however it is important that you strive to develop a comprehensive overview of your subject topic.
• Therefore a minimum of two references and your text book will be required.

• References on reference page & in the body of the text must be formatted in APA style according to Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th edition only).

• Your final product will be evaluated on your accuracy and insight about the topic and task assigned in the project, the support you provide for your information through the use of research, ideas, and references from the course.

• You will be graded on quality of writing (e.g., clear and concise, proper grammar, syntax, spelling, and marks of punctuation).

• 20 points total.

• Lastly, the projects are graded according to the point scale on the rubric. Use the rubric to guide your work.

Option # 1:
• Select four (4) court cases identified outside of the textbook, internet and other resources.
a. Summarize & synthesize the issues of each case, and
b. Discuss implications for current services to children with disabilities for
each case.
c. Be specific in your summary
d. You must use resources/references outside the textbook

Option # 2:
• Your principal has just announced that next year you will be co-teaching with a special education teacher in an inclusion classroom of 10 special education and 15 general education students.
a. Discuss (a) the pros and cons of co-teaching,(at least four of each) &
b. Discuss at least three strategies you will need to implement for effective co- teaching, &
c. Discuss your personal feelings about working together with another teacher in your classroom, and
d. Discuss a plan on how you will work to address your own potential strengths and weaknesses as a co-teacher.
e. You must use resources/references to support your project

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