Topic : study of the Prophet Amos

Required items of the paper:
1.The life of the Prophet Amos: life setting, place of ministry, and biographical information
2.The political and social context of the prophet Amos
3.Commentary of Amos chapter 2: theme is spiritual and sociological
4.Interpretation of the Amos 2 according to the message of the Pontifical Document: Sollicitudo Rei Socialis of John Paul II, section 3 to 6 and how its application to the reality of our modern American context. Give as examples 2 cases in which the prophetic message of Amos can be applied to a concrete social reality of the US in matter of social justice today.
5. Use as bibliography the following books.
– Leclerc, Thomas. Introduction to the Prophets. Their stories, sayings, and Scrolls. New York: Paulist Press, 2007 ( attached)
– John Paul II. Sollicitudo Rei Socialis (attached)
– Jensen, Joseph. Ethical Dimensions of the Prophets. Collegeville, Minnesota: Liturgical Press, 2006.

Required :
1. Personal title
2. Paper must have a presentation sheet.
3. Paper must present immediately after the presentation sheet.
4. Paper must contains minimum of 8 pages including the introduction.
5. The introduction must contain a “thesis statement”
6. The bibliography must contain the sources used in the paper
7. Paper must be in double space.
8. If there is a quotation that is longer than 3 lines, the space must be single.
9. Each citation must be in Chicago style.
10. Use the bibliographical citations as footnotes
11. Must consult and cite a minimum of 3 authors.

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