1. Read the Healing Gods by locating specific chapters/pages for the therapies you want to investigate.  Use the table to contents and index to find the CAT topic.
  2. Read the Biblical Guide to Alternative Medicine by locating specific chapters/pages for the therapies you want to investigate. Use the table of contents and the index to find the CAT topic.
  3. Read the article by Pinch (2016), “More than Just a Sugar Pill: Why the Placebo Effect is Real.”
  4. Access OCLS > Nursing databases > Health & Wellness Resource Center with Alternative Health-GALE for a site that provides information health and wellness topics.
    1. In addition to the course textbooks, utilize a minimum of two other scholarly sources from the OCLS library databases.  Use the Cochrane Databases to locate systematic reviews and meta-analysis reports.
    2. Common Internet resources such as Wikipedia, WebMD, and MayoClinic.com are not recognized as scholarly resources for coursework.
  5. Use the Alternative Therapies Approach to Health and Wellness Table to summarize answers to the following questions:
    1. Describe the CAT you chose to investigate
    2. Use the Five-Part Grid to evaluate the CAT.
    3. Your evaluation. Would you recommend this CAT to a patient?
    4. How is the CAT used?  Primarily for treatment of illness/injury or health promotion and wellness?
    5. Describe the culture most closely identified with the CAT
    6. What does the scientific evidence show about the effectiveness of the CAT?
    7. Explain the physiology of the placebo effect and identify one CAT is works by a placebo effect.
  6. Proofread your paper for grammar, spelling, and APA errors. Use the Grammarly tool to check a plagiarism report as well as punctuation and grammar.

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