Please read all instructions carefully.

Don’t plagiarize.  Cite ANY source consulted.  Rewording without citation STILL counts as plagiarism.  Exception- Assigned readings do not need to be cited unless you are quoting, but keep quotes to a minimum.Logistics- Your essays must be submitted as a Word document (not a Word-compatible document) through SafeAssign on Blackboard, no later than the date and time assigned.  See the syllabus for late policies.Answer the following in 300-750 words each (suggested depth).  Make sure you understand what the question is asking before attempting it, and answer the entire question that is asked.  For instance, if I ask you to compare and contrast, be sure you do both. Grades will be assigned on accuracy, clarity, depth, and understanding (given suggested depth guidelines), though for a more specific grade breakdown, be sure to see the available written assignment rubric.  [20 points each]

  1. Consider one specific potential action- cheating on this exam. Then clearly explain metaethics generally, and what metaethical concerns might be involved in this action.  Do the same for normative ethics.  Are there any applied ethics concerns here?  Why or why not?
  2. Clearly and fully explain the metaethical theory of cultural relativism. Then, using the action from above, explain how the cultural relativist would evaluate that action and why.  Lastly, spend a paragraph evaluating this approach.  Should we be cultural relativists?  Why or why not?
  3. Now answer the same questions presented in (2) but from a subjectivist approach.
  4. Now answer the same questions presented in (2) but from an emotivist approach.
  5. Now answer the same questions presented in (2) but from a supernaturalist (specifically a Divine Command Theorist) approach.

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