Current Events Media Analysis. The main objective is to explain and demonstrate the political and ideological differences between left and right political journal analysis (not newspapers, newsweeklies, TV news outlets/websites, or obscure websites) in US foreign policy. With a tight focus on a recent single international controversy (to bring out the journals’ ideological differences), analyze two articles (not editorials) from opposing major political journals, one from the left and one from the right. Use left & right journals list. Focus on & explain ideology and the underlying ideological perspectives of the journals. Proposals (300 words) noting the topic and the left &right journal articles to be used are due on February 20.

The proposal has 3 elements: a controversial topic, a brief discussion of the topic (what makes it controversial?), and a list of two political journals you plan to use, one from the left and one from the right (see syllabus for the journal list).

Some topic ideas: US-Russia relations; US relations with Venezuela; Imposition of copyright law in developing countries; US intervention in Syria; the US-Iran conflict; Arrest of Julian Assange; GDP as a measure of development; Arab Spring; U.S. policy toward Cuba; U.S. trade issues with China; the Russia-Ukraine conflict; US-Mexico relations; Brexit; Israeli settlements in occupied territories; France’s or Quebec’s restrictions on wearing religious attire in public; U.S.-Saudi relations; U.S. arms sales; HIV/AIDs & global pharmaceutical companies in Africa; international treaties on global warming; Trump’s border policy; US relations with Mobutu, and others (with prior advisory).

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