Expected to provide proper APA citations – both in-paper – (author’s name, year) after a direct quote, paraphrase, statistic or graph, as well as a works cited page at the end of your document.

1. Define Corporate Values and their importance in a global marketplace. How are Corporate Values being used by companies to build their brand, connect with stakeholders (employees, customers, etc.) and promote Corporate Social Responsibility?
2. Define Emotional Intelligence and the ways in which it can increase the effectiveness of interpersonal communication exchanges. What aspects of interpersonal communication can benefit from increased Emotional Intelligence? In what business roles will you be more successful at with higher levels and why? Be specific and provide examples.
3. Define and explain the stages of Group Development, highlighting important activities that take place during each stage that will facilitate high performance.
4. Describe the characteristics of cultural intelligence, its importance for global business leaders, approaches to developing it and the mindset needed for maximizing it. Why should learning Cultural Intelligence be an imperative for all people entering the workforce in 2020 and beyond?
5. Define and explain why each of the three components of the AIM planning process helps you to build more effective business messages.

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