This will be a slide presentation. The focus is implementation of a new software in an organization with much resistance from employees and management. Using basic Lean Six Sigma Green belt methods in 20 slides.

The Six Sigma Continuous Improvement that should discuss as follows:
Improve Control

Problem Statement

Statement of Fact—- (brief statement expand) This system must be used 100% of the time

Everyone in the organization can accept as true—- ( its mandated by leadership expand and by legal documents)




Does not deal with the solution—- Expand

Documents included: cause and effect description with written notes include diagram on one slide were it makes since. The other document needs to to be placed on slide LSS chapter in a place that fits flow of presentation.

When naming the system please place (The XXX system) I will make adjustments.

Please remember this is a project management task with resolving a problem of new system implementation.

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