In this research, introduce the definition of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and explore how it works as well as its impact on society. In the first part of the research paper, do an introduction and history of NLP, explain how NLP works and introduce its levels. In the second part,go deeper into each level and list some NLP applications which have been applied into society and which will be published in future then

Paper Outline

  • Introduction
    • 1 paragraph: introduce the definition, the goal and the original idea of NLP.
  • History
    • 2 paragraphs: brief history of Natural Language Processing
  • How Natural Language Processing Works
    • 4 paragraphs: Explain how NLP works and go detail to each category it falls into.
  • Levels of Natural Language Processing
    • 7 paragraphs: List all the levels do NLP has and explain each of them.
  • Applications of Natural Language Processing
    • 4 paragraphs: List some applications of Natural Language Processing but will be focusing on two applications: Sign Language Recognition and Translation and Chatbot
  • Conclusion
    • 1 paragraph: summarize the importance of natural language processing and its impact on real life and in the future.


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