Choose only one of the three “sociological perspective” topics in the bottom of this assignment 1 guideline sheet, and use APA research format and style to do a quality sociology research paper.  In order to be successful in this APA format assignment, your research paper must incorporate and adhere to all the headings and items 1 thru 8 listed below. Each heading in bold, 2 thru 7 must be clearly shown on your research paper very distinctly “Heading by Heading”

1) Cover page, which identifies the title of the research paper, your name, the course number and title, assignment # 1, the name of the professor, and semester/year).2) Abstract summarizing in at least one paragraph the whole research project you are working on in this assignment.3) Introduction, and definition of key term, which clearly defines or explains the key term your research, clearly stating the research question, or purpose of your research topic. The research method you are using (that is, how your research data were collected and analyzed).4) Hypothesis, This is the “heart” of the paper, yet it is usually one or two sentences. After you pick your topic this should be one of the first things you set forth. As stated in our textbook, this is a “speculative statement about the relationship between two or more…variables”.5) Research body of your project, which clearly and exhaustively presents in detail the research work and findings (or results) of the assignment project. Remember that this is the main body of your research work, and must have all appropriate heading and subheadings, following APA style.6) A conclusion, which restates the research question (or purpose), summarizes the findings, and discusses any limitation of the research project or suggest new directions for the research work or project.7) A bibliography (or reference list), which includes at least 5 books or articles is used in your research paper citations and research documentation, (APA format and style.) Each of your bibliography or reference list of books and/or articles must be well cited.8) Your research project must be at least 5 pages long, excluding the cover page, double space, font 12 only, and stapled together prior to submission. Any plagiarized or copied work from any source, will receive a failing grade for this assignment, as paper must adhere to APA format and style only.

Topic selections (pick only one topic for your research)

Why do people choose a particular partner to marry in the US, and what are the impact of marriages on society?


Why do people choose to commit suicide in the US, and what are the impact of suicide on society?


Why do people from poor nations of the world have far more children, than people from rich nations, and what are some of the global impact of having too many children?

NOTE:  Assignment paper must have a cover page, and be typed in font 12 only. Paper must   have all necessary headings, and subheading in bold, following the research guidelines 1 thru 7.

Paper must be written in your own word, and all quotes and citations must be properly documented in accordance to APA format. And remember, each assignment paper must have page numbers, cover page, and stapled together before submission to professor.

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