Class Activity: Health Promotion and Primary Prevention Strategies Across the Lifespan

Continue to reflect on the CDC’s 10 leading causes of death and the healthy people 2020 objectives and leading health indicators (LHI).

Middle Aged Adults (35 – 64 years)


1. General Health Education (Summarize, and include who must be educated and how)

2. Immunization (include what vaccines are priority and how are they given)

3. Nutrition counseling (include what are the nutritional risk considerations like diseases prevalence and food suggestions)

4. Exercise and Physical Activities (include what is the expected and recommended activity levels and the impacts)

5. Stress Management (include the impact of stress and stress relief strategies)

6. Federal and State (Florida) Policies/regulations (include any policies and regulations that exist)

Some Additional Resources

CDC nutrition resources:

CDC Stress resource:

Healthy people 2020: weight and activity

Adult vaccine schedule:

Teen vaccine schedule:

Infants and small children:

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