Rheumatoid Arthritis

Select disease topics from a hat.  Prepare a typewritten paper 2 or 3 pages long with at least 4 references (one reference may be our textbook). You may use scholarly journals that are accessible on-line, and you may use world-wide-web sites, such as “Web MD” or “Medline” as one of your 4 sources. (no wiki’s or blogs) Document your sources with endnotes and a bibliography using APA guidelines.

The reports will be graded on the completeness of the following criterion:

  1. 5 pts: Definition of the disease, including etiology
  2. 5 pts: Signs and symptoms of the disease process throughout all body systems.
  3. 10 pts: Diagnosis and medical interventions, including diagnosis, medical, surgical, and pharmaceutical treatments.
  4. 10 pts: Impact on the patient’s functional activities (ADL’s, mobility, etc.) How would this disease affect the patient’s function and ability to perform activities of daily living or their mobility?  What type of assistance may they require?  Why?
  5. 5pts: General rehabilitation plan. Describe OT/PT/ST treatments that would benefit a patient with this disease
  6. 5 pts: Writing style and format including spelling, grammar, and documentation of citing references

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