Mary Chestnut

What time period did the character live in and what was his/her contribution to that era?
What contributions did the character make to the overall character of the United States? How was the United States changed due to the actions of this character?
What primary sources can be found to substantiate your assertion that this character had a major impact on the United States?
What do historians have to say about the impact that the character had on American History and time period in which he/she lived?
Do you agree with the assertions of the historians? Why or why not? Evidence must be given to support your point of view.
Please note the information that you are to gather regarding the thought of historians is not optional. More students fail to correctly address this component of the assignment than any other area of the assignment. Be sure and ask questions if you are unclear about to proceed with this element of the assignment.
What primary sources have you found that substantiate your claims in the paper? What primary sources are used by historians that you reference in your paper to build historical thought on the character of your choice? Please note the primary sources must be clearly referenced in the paper and properly cited in the bibliography page.

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