You will select a topic broadly from the field of Artificial Intelligence. Your topic must relate to
Artificial Intelligence in some way but may range broadly. Possible focuses might be to select a
particular contribution of AI and present how that technology works. Popular technologies today include
artificial neural networks, machine learning for big data sets, deep learning, robotics, and evolutionary
computing. You might also focus on other aspects of AI like the impact of AI on society. We now have
automated cars, drones engaged in war, smartphones and smart homes. You might focus on a historical
figure and their impact on AI. Finally, you could explore some of the philosophical aspects of AI. These
might be related to “weak” vs “strong” AI, the ethics of creating AI, the impending AI singularity, or
what AI means to theories of the human mind.
You will submit a single page proposal for your paper. The proposal should introduce the selected topic,
outline the paper organization, and include a list of potential sources.
Paper Specifications
When preparing your final manuscript please make sure that they adhere to these standards.
7 pages + 1 title page = 8 pages
Title page should include paper title, your name, and an abstract.
Font: Times New Roman 11pt
Line spacing: 1.5
Margins: 1 inch
Page numbers should be included in the bottom right corner.
Citation and reference style is left to your discretion, however, I expect a consistent style to be used
throughout the paper. Your references should satisfy these requirements:
At least 7 references.
At least 3 of the 7 should be references to peer reviewed papers and/or books.
No more than 2 of the references can be to blogs (i.e. an article not published in a journal,
magazine, newspaper or other traditional publication).
None of your references may be from Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a starting point for research and
you should be able to find better references on the Wikipedia page.
References should be listed on the last page. You may add an additional page for your references
as needed

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