You are permitted to refer to the readings as references, however, at no time is a student to quote any aspects of them, verbatim. It must be in your own words. Please, do not write more than 500 words per response. It must be apparent from reading each response that students have not only read the material, but are also quite familiar with it. Under no circumstances is a student permitted to use outside material (e.g. Internet sources or Wikipedia) .

Midterm Exam questions

  1. The Lone wolf style of terrorism consisting of one or two people is becoming more common lately especially in the west. Why do you think this is changing, and will it become a trend or return to the larger group incidents and why? Are the lone wolves limited to smaller targets? Also please evaluate the chances of success for both lone wolf and larger groups for accomplishing their goals. Include both the “shaid”(martyr) and those planning to escape law enforcement?
  2. Why does ISIS seem to attract Westerners, including young women and Americans, many of whom are not Muslim or any Arab nationality? Describe the types of people you think would be susceptible to their message? What are their motives for joining?
  3. Compare and Contrast terrorism in the Middle East, terrorist groups in other parts of the world, and domestic terrorism. Briefly discuss the history and current trends of each. Which of these represents the most “clear and present danger” in the next decade and why?

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