7 – 9 pages, double spaceAPA standard

This is an individual research assignment or can be done in pairs.  The assignment can be based on any relevant occupational health and safety issue where students develop skills that they will be able to apply to the workplace.  Some examples are below.Option 1Students work on a problem-based research assignment. Students collect and analyze relevant information in order to understand a production process and the hazards involved in each stage of the process.   Some examples that have been used are cases involving cotton dying, degreasing and welding operations, or copper refining, etc.  Students discuss the hazards and health effects involved in each step of the process and develop recommendations to reflect a higher priority and accountability to occupational health and safety, applying relevant research and legislation.Alternatively, students could utilize a current event/tragedy where the students discuss causes, apply legislation and provide detailed recommendations on how to prevent it from reoccurring. Emergency planning and other OHS program aspects can be developed and/or integrated into their discussions.

Option 2

Students to analyze an Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Program from a workplace.  Students can source the policy and program from their part-time workplace, or from the workplaces of their family members or friends.  The students critique and analyze the policy and program in relation to the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations, and the criteria discussed in class.  Strengths and weaknesses of the policy and program are discussed with detailed recommendations for improvements to reflect a higher priority and accountability to occupational health and safety, and to minimize legal liability.

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