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Answer directly to the questions listed below.

1. Chapter 9 discusses the important ways that the use of new technology changes the communication and interaction patterns of teenagers. Can you think of any recent examples of that resulted in behaviours that adults are concerned about? Are these behaviours officially labelled as delinquency? Why or why not?

2. Consider the patterns of youth drug use that are discussed in Chapter 10. Which finding surprise you the most, and why? Prior to reading this chapter, what was your impression of teen drug and alcohol use based upon?

3. The relationship between substance use and delinquency is a complicated one . Analyze the factors that can be related to both drug use and delinquency. In the event that you (or your close friends) ever drank alcohol or used drugs as a teenager, consider how these various factors led (or did not lead) you (or your close friends) to engage in delinquent behaviours. Or did you find that engaging in delinquent behaviours led you (or your close friends) to start using drugs and/or alcohol? Explain.

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