U.S. Health Care Finance: A Reflective Analysis: File name – lastnamefinance (Submit in Week 7 lesson or in assignment section). Research and identify at least three (3) articles or national reports focusing on the evolution of the U.S. healthcare financial system. Review the three (3) articles as well as your required readings. Write a synthesized reflective analysis. You should focus your article search in the area of U.S. healthcare economics and finance.Include the following in your 3-page write-up and discussion:Evolution of the U.S. Healthcare Finance System.Discuss stages and milestones as well as evolutionary trends in approaches to healthcare finance changes and development. Identify at least four (4) key drivers for U.S. healthcare spending.Governmental Involvement in U.S. Healthcare Finance.Identify major government payers. Analyze and synthesize healthcare finance within the parameters of government control (i.e. the development of Medicare/Medicaid, etc.) and the influence of payer systems on nurse educators or nurse practitioners.Healthcare DeliveryReflect on the legal and ethical influence of U.S. healthcare finance on healthcare access, cost, and quality in underserved populations and communities.Policy SolutionsIdentify four (4) U.S. healthcare finance policy recommendations to improve health system access and/or quality of care.

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