For the assignment this week, please consider the topic, problem, and purpose you might choose for your Signature Assignment, ensuring consideration of the contribution to the field of MFT. You can use and revise problems, purposes, and questions from past assignments in this course with the goal of continuing to improve and refine them. Please addresses the following:Restatement of your problem, purpose, and research question(s).Last week you examined multiple ways to collect data to answer your research questions. Based on your analysis and feedback, choose one quantitative data collection method, describe how it would be used in your hypothetical study, and justify why this method of data collection is the best choice.Discussion and justification of your sample and population.Potential limitations with the chosen data collection and/or sample to consider and steps that can be taken ahead of time to help avoid these limitations.Analysis of any strengths and weaknesses you see with your design, data collection, and/or sample.Discuss ethical issues to consider with quantitative data collection methods.
Be sure to use scholarly sources to support all assertions and research decisions.

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