History 2110Spring 2020Prof. ConnerGUIDELINES FOR OPTIONAL ORAL HISTORY INTERVIEW PAPERThis is an optional assignment. Students may submit this paper to replace one exam grade.Conduct a one-hour interview with a person of your choice (parent, grandparent, neighbor, co-worker, etc) regarding his/her experience of a specific event (March on Washington) or historical period (Great Depression, WWII, Civil Rights, etc). At minimum, you should take written notes of the conversation. You may also record the conversation (audio or video), but this is not required. Following the interview, you will then write a 4-6 page paper that reflects upon the interview process and evaluates the effectiveness of oral history as a way to learn about the past. The paper is not merely a summary of the interview. Some questions to consider (note: this is not a “laundry list” that must be followed): What information did you learn? How did your interviewee’s recollection match with or differ from the narrative discussed in

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