1.Write a 5-10 pages report on your research on the economic cost of sea level rise of
8-12 inches within 30 years (which is the estimated range of sea level rise by 2050 in
the IPCC’s 5thassessment report).Make sure you clarify the region (developed/
developing countries) and the sector of activity (agriculture/tourism/real estateetc…).
You may choose in depth research on onespecific region and sector, or a more
general evaluation.Some resources(but you should also find your own–only use
reputable sources):a.Smithsonian page http://ocean.si.edu/sea-level-rise.b.The Global
impacts of extreme sea-level rise,by J. Pycroft, J. Abrell and J.-C. Ciscar, Environmental
and Resource Economics(2016), vol. 64, pp. 225-253.c.http://www.climatecost.cc/
images/Policy_brief_2_Coastal_10_lowres.pdf.d.The impact of sea level rise on
developing countries: a comparative analysis,by S. Dasgupta, B. Laplante. C. Meisner,
D. Wheeler and J Yan, Climatic Change(2009), vol. 93, pp. 379-388.e.M. Sugiyama MIT
Masters Thesis, https://globalchange.mit.edu/sites/default/files/
Sugiyama_MS_07_0.pdf.f.IPCC: http://www.ipcc.ch/ipccreports/tar/wg2/index.php?
idp=298g.Climate Central http://ss6m.climatecentral.org/#11/40.7946/-74.0012

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