Open data presents businesses, government and society with many opportunities to develop new ways of working using data that is shared freely.

In this essay, you are asked to explain the difference between Big Data and Open Data and to write a personal view of the usefulness of Open data. You should include:

1.A short explanation of your understanding of what open data is.

2.A brief explanation of what Big Data actually is with examples.

3.Your personal reflection on the usefulness of open data and the extent to which governments, businesses and other organisations should be required to make data open.

Things you need to include in your essay:

  • Answer the questions set.
  • Draw on a range of sources to support the points made.
  • Include examples of the use of both open and Big data.
  • Show you have considered all sides of the arguments presented.
  • Present a personal conclusion and reflection on the questions set.
  • Make a subheading to each section of your essay.
  • At least 9 references, including minimum 3 relevant academic journals.


Resources you may consider:

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