This mini project will focus on the lecture pertaining to gender and the family as well as gender socialization. First, think about and answer the following questions
1.You receive a baby shower invitation. The parents are expecting a baby girl. They are “old fashioned” and do not register anywhere for gifts. You buy a present. What do you buy? Describe in detail. Why do you get this?
2. You have one child already; a girl. Thus, you have lots of baby clothes, many of which are pink, purple, and have flowers on them. You are expecting a baby boy. Will you use these outfits for the baby boy? Why or why not? What factors affect your decision?
3. a) You see a six year old boy go into the women’s restroom with his mother. What do you think?
b) You see a six year old girl go into the men’s restroom. What do you think?
4. a) Your son tells you he is gay. What is your reaction? Why?
b) Your daughter tells you she is gay? What is your reaction? Why?
5. You are on the city bus. You see a person who has on jeans, a white t-shirt, and tennis shoes. Their hair is cut short and their breasts are not noticeable (i.e. they are not very big, kind of flat).
a) Do you wonder if it is a man or a woman?
b) What clues do you look for to determine this?
6. Define both sex and gender.
7. What gendered topics are you interested in? Why?
8. What do your answers to the previous questions reveal about you and your own stereotypes about gender?
Next, write about the following: How does one “become” a boy/man or a girl/woman? Explain how an individual is socialized into the gender you identify with at the following life stages: early childhood, preteen years, adolescence, young adulthood, parenthood. Now consider the other gender. How may this socialization be different?

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