Developing Cultural Competency Post-Conference


Christian ARAB Culture


The purpose of this learning activity is to give you the opportunity to develop your cultural competency by examining the dimensions involved in caring for people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Traditional health beliefs and practices among selected populations will be discussed and cultural concepts applicable to nursing practice are examined.


Discuss different cultural/religious traditions and beliefs about health and illness

  • Identify potential cultural/religious conflicts among health care providers and clients
  • Identify caring practices of selected cultures and determine ways to include these when providing care to clients.



Your paper  must include all of the following:

  • A brief introduction to the culture/religion.
  • Identify the traditional view (definitions) of health and illness in the culture. Do group members have specific theories about what causes disease or illness?
  • Identify the traditional methods of healing and the caring practices in the culture. What practices or remedies are used to restore health or treat illness? Discuss any folk medicine used by the culture.
  • Discuss actual and/or potential conflicts between the culture and the healthcare provider.
  • Discuss and provide an example of how cultural/religious beliefs may influence a person’s behavior during an illness and describe how such behaviors may impact the care of the client or their family. (may include nursing implications for the particular culture)
  • Discuss attitudes towards dying and any special practices related to death.


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