ere the practice described is still ethical? Explain. 48. According to “Ethics,” health care organizations posed the argument that “their employees must serve as role models for patients and that only nonsmokers can do so.” Explain whether you agree or disagree with that statement, and why. 49. Why is it often beneficial to articulate the assumed moral statement in a moral argument, such as in the example above? (9.3) 50. The author of “A Simple Argument” thinks more people will argue with the second statement. Why do you think this is (or is not) the case? (9.4) 51. What is the central argument of “Give Thanks for Meat”? 52. List two explicit premises that you find the most compelling in “Give Thanks for Meat.” 53. Give an example of a moral dilemma in which a moral theory based on utilitarianism would suggest one course of action, while a moral theory based on religious absolutism would suggest a different one. (9.5) 54. What makes stealth marketing different from traditional marketing? (9.6) 55. Why might some people think that stealth marketing is unethical?

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