The Situation:

The CEO of the firm you selected has hired your team to help address the changes the firm must make to remain competitive now and, in the years, ahead. Your team has been hired to provide a comprehensive report defining the different aspects of the firm’s comprehensive physical and Internet-enabled strategy as well as provide an executive summary presentation to the board of your findings and suggestions. Assure that the paper’s structure is logical, clear, and well-aligned with the information covered in the course.

Firm Selection:Trader Joe’s

Assignment 1-Business Model:

Describe and analyze the business model and core competencies of the company.

  1. Company Information considerations:
  • Describe the e-commerce presence of the company.
  • Describe the market opportunities of the company.
  1. Style of the paper:
  • Please use clear references for every work you used to write your paper. These references should also be in a bibliography at the end of your paper.
  • APA style for references.
  • Include page numbers.

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