Paper on Self-Awareness (3-4 pages)
Read Harvard articles:
#1 How will you measure your life (Christensen):

#2 You’re never done finding purpose at work (Pontefract):

#3 What Self-Awareness Really Is:

What does it mean to be a self-aware person? Give examples from your research.(Mostly on #3)
Discuss the benefits of being self-aware and what can occur when a person is not self-aware.
Discuss the challenges that a person might encounter when becoming self-aware?
Do you consider yourself to be self-aware? Why, why not? (YES I CONSIDER MYSELF)
Discuss which approach and or approaches you might take to becoming more self-aware?
Discuss your key learning from this paper.

Reflect on your experience. Avoid using quotes from the articles. Explain the concepts in your own words and use proper citations and references. Use personal voice e.g. I agree, I feel, I believe, etc. This paper should have at least 3 references and include one journal article.

Writing style and format requirements:
Writing should be proofread and free of spelling or mechanical errors.
All papers should be in Times New Roman, 12. APA 6th edition should be applied for referencing format. Purdue OWL site has a good guide on how to use APA style. See:

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