IT 198W Technical Writing
Spring 2020
Points: 100
You have to prepare a proposal on any ONE of the following topics:
1. You are the new HR manager at a technology company in the Bay Area. You are
proposing to set up a daycare facility for employees with very young kids. The proposal
is directed towards the Board of Directors of the company.
2. You are the president of a student club. You are proposing a new parking garage to
solve some of the parking problems to the campus president.
You have to prepare a proposal with the following structure. (All pages are 12pt,
Report Structure
● Introduction (1.5 pages)
○ Purpose – Describe the reason for the proposal
○ Background – Describe the problem to be solved
○ Scope – Describe what the report will cover and what it does not cover
● Discussion (3 pages)
○ Approach – Describe proposed solution
○ Result – Describe how the problem will be solved
○ Statement of Work – Describe the tasks to be completed
● Resources (2 pages)
○ Personnel – Describe who will be working and what their qualifications are
○ Facilities/Equipment – Describe physical resources required
● Costs (1.5 pages)
○ Fiscal – Describe the financial costs
○ Time – Describe how much time the project will require
● Conclusion (1 page)
○ Summary – Describe the benefits and risks

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