In this assignment, you are asked to provide definitions and applications for a set of emerging technologies that may affect businesses in a variety of ways. Please answer the following questions:
1. Define the term Big Data and provide an example of its use in one of the business disciplines. Be specific.
2. What is a blockchain? How could blockchain be used to improve efficiency?
3. What is artificial intelligence?
4. Describe 2 types of artificial intelligence.
5. Considering one of the types of artificial intelligence you described, how has a business used the technology to obtain a competitive advantage?
6. Are there any other new technologies that may impact business practice? Describe and provide an example.

 Business/Research Report should be 4-6 pages double spaced.
 Must include a cover page and a bibliography.
 Add a table of content (TOC), with page numbers for the sections.
 Think to organize the report.
 Section headings and sub-headings are necessary for guiding the readers and make the report easier to
 This should be written as a business report and not an essay.
 Footnotes should follow the Chicago Style Citation Guide.

Your report will be graded on five (5) criteria.
1. Objectives Achieved: Overall metric for the level at which student accomplishes the research and
comprehensively follows assignment directions
2. Information Seeking: Student gathered appropriate and comprehensive information for the
3. Analysis: Student carefully evaluated the information and drew appropriate conclusions relative to the
4. Citations: Student chose relevant and appropriate sources and cited them in the proper format, using
footnotes and a works cited section.
5. Writing and Formatting: The paper was well-written in terms of content, grammar and structure
(Cover Page, Table of Contents, Use of Section Headings, etc.)

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