Section 3: Assessment and Testing Tools
Empirical measurement of personality traits helps organizations select and develop the people
who will succeed and stay. We have been approaching the attraction and testing of potential
candidates as internal functions of a centralized HR system. In this section of the project, you
will consider the use of an outside vendor to assist with these functions.
16PF is an assessment tool that “assesses what a person WILL do, not just what they CAN do.” It
is applicable throughout the entire employee life cycle. For this section of the project, you will
conduct research about 16PF’s effectiveness as an assessment tool. Your research should
reference the company’s website and other articles or reports you find through a search of
literature related to this topic. However, you should not contact the company directly. Based on
your research, you should write a paper that addresses the following:
1. 16PF
a. Describe 16PF components and applications used to execute HR processes
regarding attraction, selection, and development of employees. Select one of the
Talent Management sample reports from to use for this analysis.
b. Discuss 16PF’s statistical validity and reliability (you may find this article helpful).
Be sure to include specific evidence to support your conclusions and cite your
2. Wonderlic and DISC
The Wonderlic and DISC tests are two of the most common ones used in the United
States at present time.
a. Review the two tests and compare their services to the 16PF. Summarize the
information in a chart or table.


b. Discuss the most important elements of these two tests. You should refer to
your chart/table. Be sure to include specific statistical evidence to support your
conclusions and cite your sources.
3. Conclusion and Recommendations
Now that you have reviewed these three tests, what are your takeaways? Write a two
paragraph summary of your findings and thoughts on these tests. Be sure to include
specific statistical evidence to support your conclusions and cite your sources.

Section 4: Onboarding
Now that you have spent time researching how an organization can attract the perfect
employee, what do you think the organization should do next? Too often, firms spend a
disproportionate amount of resources attracting candidates; once those employees are “on
board,” the responsibilities shift from HRM processes to operational management oversight.
For this final section of the project, you will focus on onboarding. Begin by reflecting on your
own experiences as a new employee.
Introduction: My Personal Onboarding Experience
 Were your new colleagues expecting you on your first day, or did they seem surprised to
see you?
 Did your first day consist of filling out paperwork and watching videos, or were you
asked to complete those transactional tasks before your first day?
 Was there a lot of scrambling around to get you passwords, office space, or other
necessary tools, or was there a welcome packet with all the essential information
waiting for you at your desk?
 Did your first day leave you feeling that you might have made a huge mistake accepting
the position, or did it confirm that you made the right decision?
Now conduct research about onboarding and address the following in the remainder of your
1. Onboarding – Purpose
a) What is the purpose of onboarding? How is it different from “orientation”?
b) How does onboarding impact employee retention?
2. Onboarding – Corporate Culture
a. How can onboarding impact fit with the company culture, workforce planning,
employee development, and career advancement?
b. Why do organizations choose to do or not do onboarding?
c. What are the possible results of poorly designed onboarding programs?
3. Onboarding – Designing the Perfect Program
Based on your research, outline the elements of an onboarding program you would like to
see provided by your future employer. Your plan should be as specific as possible. You can
include examples from existing onboarding plans that you believe are effective at meeting
the primary goals of onboarding: indoctrination and retention. Here is one example: theonboarding program at CISCO.

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