• A 25 to 30 page research paper (not including notes, graph-
ics, appendices, etc.)
• Can include alternative formats, such as a museum-quality
exhibit or documentary film.
• Possible topics include analyzing a historiographical debate
or placing a smaller, local event in a larger historical context.
• Relies more on secondary and less on primary sources.

The paper has to have a well defined argument, all my points made, no repetitive information.Must be in chronological order. And follow the outline.

Since the 1950’s Historically black college and universities have played the part in being a pipeline source for talent in pro sports, especially football. As the years progressed political moves were made and the whole event of “Integration” took place. Where as before black students as well as athletes couldn’t attend these schools, they could due to the integrating of schools. As the years passed the superior black athletes that normally went to Grambling, Southern. Jackson State, Florida A&M just to name a few began going to universities like Florida, Alabama, Notre Dame, Penn State, LSU and Ole Miss. Due to factors like the amount of money funded to these schools by the government, the amount of wealth that the alumni of these schools have, and most importantly with HBCUs being the minority it was hard to keep up with the changing pace of where college athletics were going. You began from seeing black men win the famed “Heisman” trophy to seeing predominantly white schools have predominantly black Starting lineups.In the mean time, the lesser black athlete were all that were left going to HBCUs. In today’s time its odd to see that the majority of black college athletes are becoming unheard of on NFL draft day, but the black athlete is almost always picked first on draft day just from another college, always a PWI (predominantly white Institution). The conversation among black college alumni today about college athletics is “If you are good they (Pro Scouts) will find you”. This is used as a selling point against PWIs to get kids to choose HBCUs over PWIs. While that it is true I plan to show and prove that the odds are far greater and task of gaining the notoriety or stats to be drafted is not as hard as the latter. The number of Historically black college participants in the pros have dropped drastically. By showing college and pro stats,and historical data I will prove that the need to scout and draft HBCUs has become a rarity compared to the days where majority of the black hall of famers came from these said historically black schools.

1. In the early days of professional football, schools were segregated; blacks had to attend HBCUs (Historically Black College and Universities). This was a time where the NFL started selecting the likes of Deacon Jones of Mississippi Valley State, Lem Barney of Jackson College now known as Jackson State University, and Willie Brown of Grambling State. They played for top contending teams in a predominately-white era of sports

2. The Separate but equal law, Brown vs. Board Of Education, the end of segregation in public schools. Sam “Bam” Cunningham and his influence on the great Paul “Bear” Bryant to recruit black football players. The major influx of HBCU football players coming into Pro Football ex. Walter Payton, Jackie Slater, Robert Brazille , Grambling and Coach Eddie Robinson’s influential big number of NFL talent in the 70s and 80s. HBCUs and the talent to compete with PWIs

3. In the later part 80’s and early 90’s, the numbers started to decrease of HBCU players being drafted. This time brought about arguably one of the greatest players in NFL history Mississippi Valley State University’s Jerry Rice. but then you began to see the rise of players like, Bo Jackson of Auburn Univ., Hershel Walker of Georgia, Deion Sanders of Florida State University. The talent level of HBCU football has drastically dropped because of the acceptance of black players at PWIs.

4. College football has become a big business. Winning brings money, and it seems that having great athletes allows you that feat. When it comes to great athletes, African Americans seem to be the better athlete in these cases concerning football. After the SMU death penalty of the 80s and other NCAA violations, the world starts to see money is a major issue in collegiate sports. We are in a time where the economy plays a part in what takes place at a place where accumulating an education is supposed to be the main goal. By the late 2010’s the HBCU talent is at an all-time low compared to recent decades. Student Athletes see the NFL as a way to escape any hardship them and their families have to endure and going to a PWI is the easiest way to get that done. In 2018, there were 32 active HBCU players on active NFL rosters. The emergence of the black athlete at PWIs, brought about the decline in the talent level of black athletes and the number of black athletes in the NFL coming out Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

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