My topic is Unemployment
The paper should discuss the following:
1. A thorough description of your topic.
2. How does your topic connect with Business Law?
3. How is your topic relevant in today’s world?

This research paper should be 3-5 pages in length, not including the reference section. It should be typed in 12 point font, double spaced, and should include use of at least five sources (articles, books, websites, etc.). Your paper should include a reference section that properly identifies the resource so the instructor can find it.
Here is the format that I suggest you use to cite your articles in your research paper.

Booth, W. C., Colomb, G. G., & Williams, J. M. (1995). The craft of research. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
Strunk, W., Jr., & White, E. B. (1979). The elements of style (3rd ed.). New York: Macmillan.

Journal articles (Print, electronic copy, changed source, online journal, paged by issue):
Hypericum Depression Trial Study Group. (2002). Effect of Hypericum perforatum (St John’s Wort) in major depressive disorder: A randomized controlled trial. JAMA, 287, 1807-1814.

Magazine article:
Gardner, H. (1991, December). Do babies sing a universal song? Psychology Today, 70-76.

Newsletter/newspaper articles:
Brown, L. S. (1993, Spring). My research with orangs. The Psychology Department Newsletter, 3, 2.

Goleman, D. (1991, October 24). Battle of insurers vs. therapists: Cost control pitted against proper care. New York Times, pp. D1, D9.

Markoff, J. (1996, June 5). Voluntary rules proposed to help insure privacy for Internet users. New York Times. Retrieved April 1, 1996, from
Just Say No Foundation. (1992). Saving our youth. (9th ed.) [Brochure]. Washington, DC: Author.
Web page:
Dewey, R. A. (2004). APA Style Resources by Russ Dewey. Retrieved September 8, 2004 from

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