In the mode of Augustine’s Confessions, write an approximately 250-word prayer of confession honestly acknowledging the way this week’s learning has shaped and formed your understanding of Christian theology and its implications for ministry.

Use the following as an example:

Dear Lord, the more that is revealed to me of your nature and your actions, the more that I am reminded that You have given me so much more than I deserve. You never demanded that I follow you, but you never removed yourself to a place beyond earshot of my heart. Thank you for forgiving me in previous seasons where I withdrew from your presence and yet you still sought me out. You placed in the depth of my being a desire to love you and worship you, and I thank you for casting the scales from my own eyes to introduce me to your divine gift of grace. Thank you for bringing me to a place where I would be terrified to be outside of your presence.

I used to think that your creation was beautiful, but now viewing it all as some sort of intentional gift multiplies the beauty of it all. I hope I never again view something such as dreary weather as an inconvenience or less than, because I can look to your eternal plan that is so far beyond me, and yet still something that I trust in so firmly– continue to let me see how a dreary day of “weather” in your creation is intentional. Thank you for letting any dreariness or uncertainty that I feel always eventually make way for the sunshine, little by little on this journey throughout your flourishing creation. I want more of your presence and wisdom so that I may continue to go out into your creation and be an agent for your righteousness. Sustain me and teach me, oh Lord.

Thank you for not only offering healing to your creation, God, but truly delivering it, Jesus. In your name, amen.

Remember to use double-spaced Times New Roman 12-point font, and save your assignment in Word using the following criteria to save your file: lastname_firstname_2.6_week_two_confession.docx.

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