For each zoo exercise, you will prepare a written report and post it to iLearn. The reports will account for approximately 70% of your grade. Specific instructions for each report are included in the description of the exercise; however, there are several types of data and guidelines that need to be followed for every report.

Data that must be included somewhere in each report:

  • Species observed with both the common name and scientific name
    • Group composition (# of primates listed with sex and age group information) • Date and time of observation

Basic Formatting Rules:

  • Your name should be listed on the first page of the report.
  • Pages on all exercises should be numbered in a footer.
  • Name the file you upload to iLearn with your last name and the report number, e.g., Name #1.
  • Reports can be submitted .docx, or as .pdf files. However, if you have tables and figures, submission as a .pdf file is better for retaining the formatting.


Format for species names and taxa (from the International Journal of Primatology):

  • Species names are written in Latin form with the genus capitalized, the species lower-case

and the entire name italicized, e.g., Pan paniscus

  • Do not abbreviate taxa except within a paragraph where you have already written out the

same taxon, e.g., ”Pan troglodytes versus P. troglodytes live in Africa.

  • If using common names, give the latin name for a species the first time you mention the

common name.

Common names should not be abbreviated. Don’t use orang for orangutang

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