QI Patient Care Quality and Safety Project

Find a process at your employment site that needs improvement. If you are not currently working, use one from a previous work experience.

Describe the problem process and address the elements below. This is a planning assignment so you will be looking at what needs to be done and who the players are. There is no implementation phase of this assignment.

Please limit this assignment to a total of 4-6 pages excluding Title and Reference page. Follow APA format strictly.

To do:

Introduction: Introduce the problem that needs to be improved. (25 points)
Identify a current work related problem that is from one of the Institute of Medicine’s 6 areas of competencies: Patient Centered Care, Teamwork and Collaboration, Evidence-Based Practice, Quality Improvement, Safety and Informatics

Identify why and what is the process breakdown: Clarify current unit/organizational knowledge of the problem process and any insight on how to improve the situation at hand.

Quality Improvement (QI) model: Identify and discuss a QI model (choose either Six Sigma or PDSA) to utilize. (25 points)

Discuss your chosen model.
Explain the process of implementing change and the importance of an outcome to measure.

Describe the inter-professional team that you would put together for this process improvement. Who (by title or position) specifically needs to be at the decision-making ‘table?’

Literature Review for EBP: Identify and analyze evidence found in peer-reviewed literature (i.e. go to e-library to find) that was shown to benefit this problem. (25 points)
Synthesize a minimum of two (2) scholarly articles from current evidence-based literature findings that assist you in improving the problem.
Describe how you would plan to implement a QI improvement process.
Include the outcome to measure improvement.

4. Conclusion. (10 points)

Summarize your paper with a concluding paragraph.

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