Topic – Florida’s Hazardous waste disposal

Describe how you would plan/propose to evaluate the policy or program by employing the methods, techniques, etc., which are covered in the course text. Do not evaluate the policy or program, you are only expected to describe how you would go about evaluating the policy or program.

Your proposal should address the following questions or issues. In all cases, defend or justify your answers or procedures, especially with specific references to relevant concepts, ideas, or passages in the assigned readings for the course, as well as to the references which you may have found in your library search. This assignment is not based on opinions, therefore academic sources must be utilized, and it ought to be written in the third person.

Each of the items in CAPS must be listed as a heading or a sub-heading in your evaluation proposal. If a question/issue does not apply, please explain why. The final product must include the following:

• Cover Page (consult an APA style guide)

• ABSTRACT (no more than 1 page, gives a brief overview of the contents of your paper, the abstract is written last after you have completed your entire paper)

• INTRODUCTION (2-3 pages in length)
o Include your thesis statement in first or second paragraph.
o Describe or summarize the policy or program which you intend to evaluate.
o What are the goals or desired outcomes of the policy or program?
o Why are the goals or outcomes important?
o Include your research questions at the end of the introduction.

• LITERATURE REVIEW (3-5 pages in length)
o This section of your paper corresponds directly to your research questions. Each question should be reflected in sub-headings in your literature review. If you don’t have a research question about “it” don’t include “it” in your paper.
o How have other researchers attempted to evaluate the policy or program? What were their conclusions? What might be replicated in your evaluation?
o What theory or theories connect the policy or program to its goals or desired outcomes?

• METHODOLOGY (2-4 pages in length, this is how you are going to evaluate this program/policy in the future)
o Of all evaluation techniques you have learned in the course which one will you use
to evaluate your policy or program?
o Is an experimental design relevant to your evaluation? If so, how? What form? If not, why not?
o Is your evaluation a process evaluation or an outcome evaluation? Why? How?
o What are the principal components of your evaluation design?
 Name your dependent, independent, and control variables.
 Name your unit(s) of analysis.
 How do you propose to measure the factors, variables, goals, or outcomes which are relevant to your evaluation?
 What are the advantages and disadvantages of your proposed measures?
 What are the principal sources of data and information which you propose to employ?
 What are the advantages and disadvantages of your proposed sources?
 How do you propose to analyze and to interpret the data and information which you collect? In other words, how will your analysis and/or interpretation show that the policy or program goals or outcomes have or have not been achieved?

• CONCLUSION (2-3 pages in length)
o Analyze what you have learned and inform the reader.
o What policy or programmatic recommendations might emerge from your evaluation?

• REFERENCES (must be in APA style, not all citation generation programs will produce a correct APA reference page, you must double check)

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