Point of purchase (POP) materials are promotional materials that are used to promote a product at the point of purchase (for example-the sales counter or at the cash register). They come in many forms such as permanent displays, semi-permanent, temporary displays and other in-store media. They are used for four functions: to remind the customer of the product, to inform the customer of the product, to merchandise the product, and to encourage purchases of the product.

Topic: Point of Purchase

Wally’s is a local specialty store that sells toys and trinkets for children typically age 12 and under. It is quite a popular birthday stop for gift bags and birthday presents for parties. Wally’s has a new product called the Aeronaut, a new astronaut toy that comes with a spacecraft and a map of the planets. You have been hired by Wally’s to promote this product in the specialty store through Point of Purchase advertising. In the Discussion board posting, address the following checklist items:


What type of point of purchase materials for promotion should be used in Wally’s store to promote the Aeronaut?
Which of the four functions of point of purchase materials will be used here: reminding, informing, merchandising or encouraging? How will this be used
What might Wally’s do in order to avoid negative WOM?

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