Do a Genogram, using current and historical information regarding your own family. You are not to focus on the family of origin of your spouse or significant other, unless there is pertinent information you want to incorporate. If there is information that you are unable to obtain or uncomfortable with disclosing, note this in the paper. Approximate length should be about 2 pages, excluding the genogram. The areas to be addressed include the following:


  1. The Genogram/Pedigree includes:
  2. Three generation Genogram/Pedigree of your family (you and your siblings, your parents, and your grandparents).


Use the symbols in Kaakinen et al( Ebook Attached)

  1. Significant non-family members that have played major roles in your life
  2. The family history, including names, dates of births, deaths, marriages, physical, and psychological illnesses, including addictions and abuse.


  1. Summary of your discussions/interviews with your family about your history.  Refer to the example of the Bono family ecomap p.. This should include:


  1. Socio-cultural background including culture, race, immigration and religion (European Family from Moldova – moved to USA 22 years ago, white, moved to USA in 1998 from Moldova, Religion – Christian)
  2. Socio-economic level, and occupations over the generations
  3. Family social networks including size, accessibility, reliance, frequency of contact or stability
  4. Family roles, relationships and interactions, including strengths, feedback loops or triangulations
  5. Themes that emerge from your analysis, including strengths and constraints
  6. 3 recommendations for the future.


  1. You should cite at least 4 evidence-based references.

No more than 5 years old

Please submit this in word, and not in pdf or another format. 


Info About Me for Genogram:

Me- Rose S


Moved to USA from Moldova in 1998

Married to                                                                                             No Kids



Married 5/26/2012

Have one sister

Lia Z                                                                                                      No kids


Married to Tim Z


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