Develop a business case for a health initiative (prevention effort, new service or program, new policy) that is justified in terms of costs and benefits.

Include answers to the following basic questions:

What is the problem?
What should be done about it?
Why should we do this?
What are the risks/benefits/costs?
Who are the stakeholders?
How will you measure success?
Where are the resources?

Please see the resources to assist with the assignment;

Leadership is implied in the role of the manager.  In order to achieve organizational objectives, the manager needs to exercise both formal and informal authority to persuade, motivate and direct staff.  Additionally the manager acts as a leader by representing staff, acknowledging their contributions, and protecting their interests.    Fortunately, leadership can be learned and developed. Liebler and McConnell (2017) offer some practical examples of actions that demonstrate leadership by managers.  Leaders are typically on the cutting edge of new ideas and innovations and take the initiative to promote these ideas.  Leaders perform beyond minimum standards.  Leaders share recognition with those on their teams.  Leaders extend their influence beyond the borders of the organization and are involved in the communities they serve.

The readings in this module present different styles of leadership and stress the importance of delegation of authority.  The individual assignment gives the student the opportunity to apply basic management and finance skills to make the case that certain investments in prevention of disease and injury provide tangible monetary benefits.  The group assignment illustrates leadership skills needed in crisis situations.

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