Topic: Caring for Muslim Diabetic Patients during Ramadan

Write a paper using APA format that is 3 pages in length.


1. Articles must be current (within five years).
2. Articles must be from a Nursing Journal written for the Nursing Profession
3. One article will be chosen to write your paper about and 2 other resources could be used as support

Use this as the main source:

other resources for support:


The paper should be structured to include the following:

1. Introduction to your paper, including a summary of the article’s highlights
2. Description of the results or significant findings.
3. Be well written and clearly present valuable information.
4. Explanation of how the information will be utilized to develop your nursing practice or further your research on the topic.
5. There should be a minimum of three (3) references for this type of paper.
6. The body of the paper cannot contain more than two direct quotes.
7. Cannot use long quotes, which 40 words or more.

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