This profile is to accompany the application to the Principal Preparation Program and consists of four dimensions below.

  • a retrospective view of the applicant’s professional experiences over time and across specific areas of leadership: a. college and university years (experiences related to becoming an educator that could include, but not be restricted to, organizations, classes and influential persons.) b. professional experiences (could include, but not be restricted to, experiences in the classroom, chairperson positions, committee involvement, special assignments, project director and military experience) c. professional or personal honors (could include, but not be restricted to, any honor received that was connected to professional or personal experiences) d. professional organizations (could include, but not be restricted to, such experiences as chairperson, officer, committee member and delegate at the local, state, regional or state levels) · a brief autobiographical sketch of the applicant · a statement of professional goals · a review of the applicant’s professional growth and development activities over the past three to five years, which may include formal education at the graduate or undergraduate level, professional development, technical training or professional presentations
  • The applicant should select a narrative presentation format best suited to his or her style of writing and communication. The profile should convey a personal and professional history that assists the Principal Preparation faculty to know the person who is applying. To this end, there is not a preferred format or structure. In preparing the profile, set the text in a typed, double-spaced format with an expected minimum of two pages.

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