Select a current editorial on a controversial issue that interests you, and write a 1,000 word (about 3 pages) editorial analysis essay in which you discuss a cogent, analytical thesis. Your purpose with this assignment is to analyze an editorial, explaining to an audience how all of the editorial’s pieces fit together in order to make a point or persuade a reader. Remember that to analyze something means to break it down into its parts. Do not try to discuss everything. Instead, concentrate on constructing a precise, focused argument. Remember, you are not offering your opinion; you are offering an argument.

Think about the following questions to help you analyze an editorial: What is the purpose of this editorial? What do you think the author wants the audience to think, feel, or do after reading this editorial? Is it clear that you are looking at a strong or more successful example? How can you tell? What are the parts of the document? Can you list them? Are there any trouble spots in this article? For example, does the author have clear evidence? Does this article show bias? What was most striking to you when reading this article? How would you describe the author’s tone? Choose three words the best describe how he or she sounds. Does the tone help the author present the topic, in what ways? Is there anything else you would like to say about this editorial or its contents? If you had to produce the same type of editorial, what parts do you think you would have to use? What parts do you think you could change?

Your audience is our class and me, your instructor. Do not merely summarize the editorial. Argue your assertions by supporting them with your reasoning and direct quotes from the editorial.

The essay should have a strong thesis statement, and a clear structure. Your thesis statement should state explicitly what you are going to examine and why an analysis of what you have chosen to examine is important in the understanding of the text. You will need to demonstrate your thoughts, using specific details/evidence to support your thesis and develop your points. Use Modern Language Association (MLA) in-text citation and work cited entry (see Easy Writer pp. 212-254). This analysis should be based on your own personal interpretation of the editorial. Please don’t do any outside research for this project. Your Work Cited page should have only one source on it: the primary source.

Submission Requirements:
Use MLA style. Double space your essay in Times Roman pt 12. Do not write a separate title page. In your upper left hand corner, double spaced, include your name (first name first), your instructor, the course (English 102), and the date of submission. Create a Header in the upper right corner by using your header/footer feature. Give your essay a precise, interesting title (Do not write the kind of title beginning “Editorial Analysis of ….”), and center your title on the page. See example in EasyWriter (253). Refer to EasyWriter for grammar guidelines.

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