Nurse’s Role in Healthcare Reform

Topic for discussion: How the proposed New York State Medicaid reimbursement cuts will impact the healthcare system and what role the nurse will play in combating these issues via healthcare reform.

Main article for discussion:

  • NYS Medicaid cuts and their impact on healthcare1


This is an example of a response question below to Lisa from the topic for discussion and main article reading above. You will write a different response question. Also, please answer to the question you decide to use seperatly for me, I will use it for discussion please use full page. Thank you so much!

Great article choices Lisa! This article was very interesting and thought provoking!

My main question is; what if getting health care coverage isn’t the only barrier to care? For example, what if transportation is an issue, or fear/mistrust of the health care providers contributes to their inability to receive care?

Another question I had was, yes it’s great that everyone can get medical coverage, but how do we keep costs down while still reimbursing those facilities and keeping wages fair for providers as well?

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