ASSIGNMENT: The criminal justice system in the United States is made up of three major components: law enforcement, courts, and corrections. As a criminal contact/case progresses through these stages, discretionary decisions are made that impact the outcome and/or progression of the contact/case. Students will select one of the major aspects within these stages (arrest, bail, plea bargains, and incarceration) and discuss the current discretionary practices with a focus on disproportionate minority contact. This discussion will occur through a written essay

.Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to research issues of inequality in the justice system in a critical manner, explore how they are currently being addressed, and to propose additional solutions that may remedy the issue. Audience: The audience of this project is an educated adult who is an outsider to the field of criminal justice; students need to make sure their answers are self-explanatory and do not require additional clarification. Directions: See Attached Assignment information for detailed instructions.

ASSIGNMENT SPECIFICATIONS: •The document, submitted to SafeAssign, must be type-written, double-spaced, one inch margins, and 12 point font. There is NO page minimum; rather students should be concerned with their comprehensive/exhaustive coverage of the topic area. •Students must use APA format for citations and references; students must cite sources in the body of the report (in-text citations) and include a list of sources at the end of the report (reference page). •Resource material must be from sources that have been evaluated by students for credibility.

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