There is a “blue wall of silence,” an unwritten code which prohibits law enforcement officers from disclosing misconduct by fellow officers (Chin and Wells, 1998). To what extent is this statement true? Write a 500 to 800 word individual paper that addresses the perceived “Blue Wall of Silence” as it relates to law enforcement officers’ ethics and conduct. In this paper utilize and define the terms “grass eaters” and “nonfeasance”. There is a common belief that police collude to protect one another through observing a code of silence, what has the research found in this area? Discuss what actual research reveals related to the willingness of police officers to “blow the whistle” (to report) and the frequency of officers blowing the whistle on the misconduct of other officers.

Support your statements with scholarly references sources, use a minimum of four reference sources cited in proper APA format, include an APA formatted reference page. You may include the textbook and the references cited in the Blackboard classroom and syllabus as two of those four required reference sources. Write your paper in a standard university format with a title page, introduction, a body, a conclusion, and a reference page. This assignment is due on or before February 16, 2010 at 11:59 pm Central Time.

Chin, G. and Wells, S. (1998). “The “Blue Wall of Silence” and “the Blue Curtain of Secrecy” as Evidence of Bias and Motive to Lie: A New Approach to Police Perjury”. University of Pittsburgh Law Review. 59: 233. SSRN 1810012 Freely accessible.

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