Argue how ANTI-IMMIGRANT sentiment energized the Temperance movement

First page should be a summary of the origins of the Temperance movement and what it was, ending in Thesis Statement with reasons which are the different approaches to coping with concerns (Explain how at first it was a religious revival movement about morals and then after it went dormant during the civil war, it was revived with an anti-immigrant sentiment that gave it its energy)

Different Approaches to Coping with Concerns:

-Violent Incidents: Chicago Lager Beer Riot, Carrie Nation, and Ku Klan Klan (because immigrants a threat to white Anglo Saxon vision of America)

-State and local lobbying: Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (Frances Willard and Mary Hunt), Anti-Saloon League (Wayne Wheeler)

-Political Action: Know-Nothing Party, Maine Laws (Neal Dow) and other states following, and World War One and the move toward Prohibition (Hostility towards German Americans)

Last PARAGRAPH should be a connection from this era to the modern day rhetoric being used by President Trump about immigrants

Tips: Consider the influx of immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe (largely Catholic that came from drinking cultures), urbanization of the late nineteenth century, and the industrialization that left the middle class behind (these possibly contributed to Temperance supporters scapegoating immigrants)

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