In one reply, critique a classmate’s discussion post by including the following information:

State whether the classmate has correctly identified the independent and dependent variable in his or her experiment. If the classmate has not correctly identified them, you should identify which variable is the independent variable and which is the dependent variable.

Describe whether your classmate has adequately addressed potential internal validity and external validity concerns. Your answer should include a description of why your classmate’s response was adequate or inadequate in addressing internal validity and external validity concerns.

My question for my experimental study, does sleep deprivation affect test performance? Sleep deprivation would refers to high school students who have had less that five hours of sleep before a test. The students test variable would be the students’ scores on the exam in biology. My independent variable is sleep deprivation and the dependent variable is test performance measured. Some external validity concerns are the temperature of the room the students are in. The room could be too hot or too cold and this could affect test scores, because the students were not comfortable. I would control this by keeping the room at a constant temperature. An internal validity concern is making sure the students have about the same knowledge of the class. I would choose students that have the same grades average in the class.

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