Use only ONE of the three following prompts to construct a 2-3 page critical essay. Essays should be double-spaced and written in size 12 Times New Roman font. The essay is due, on canvas February 13th by 11:59pm. An unexcused failure to turn in the midterm exam will result in a failing grade. You may discuss different approaches and issues relating to the exam with your classmates, however you are expected to turn in your own exam written in your own hand. If you rely on the words or ideas of a classmate, you must cite them accordingly (do not plagiarize or simply copy each other’s work).

How do we see/hear the perpetuation of white mastery in the early entertainment industry and or recording industry either in the Minstrel Stage as Eric Lott discusses it, or the work of George W. Johnson or the recording of Leadbelly by the Lomaxes? You only need to write about 1 example.

Saidiya Hartman writes: “From the vantage point of the everyday relations of slavery enjoyment, broadly speaking, defined the parameters of racial relations, since in practice all whites were allowed a great degree of latitude in regard to uses of the enslaved” (Hartman 23). Using only one article either the Lippincot/Slave Songs piece, Natalie Curtis Burlin’s “Negro Music at Birth”, or John A. Lomax’s “Sinful Songs” identify and discuss how white authors expectation to enjoyment of black people through black music has been carried out?How did primitivism inform the early study/recording of music in the US? Specifically, discuss how the study, recording and or marketing of music required people/musics identified as “primitive”? How did this provide a sense of power and superiority for the listener? For this question consider one of these examples at either Natalie Curtis Burlin’s essay, or how the Lomaxes treated Huddie Williams Leadbetter aka Leadbelly, Frances Densmore (in Keshti), or George W. Johnson’s career.

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