Assignment: Write a 5-7-page essay comparing one
Fortune 100 Best company to another (not “Best”)
company of your choice. (size 11 or 12 font, double
1. Start by getting familiar with the Fortune 100 Best survey results and methods:
o read about
GPTW’s methodology for determining the “Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For”
o Browse the site. Read about the methodology of
the list. Read the Fortune profiles of #1 ranked Hilton, and #2 ranked Salesforce.
2. Choose one “
Best” company to learn more about, and one “not Best” to compare it to. Review
company websites and other references to learn more about any one of the top twenty companies
listed. Compare it to a company not on the list (you could use your own employer, or any company in
which you are interested and about which you can find enough information). Consider checking out for company reviews and ratings for both the “best” and the comparison company.
3. In your essay, identify at least 3 management practices that support positive organizational behavior
at the organization that is on the “Best” list. Then contrast those practices at your chosen
o These may be issues related to effective management as described in the reading we’ve done
thus far (specifically, diversity management strategies and employee attitudes and
satisfaction), or other topics that get your attention as you read.

USM BUS340 Managing Organizational Behavior
Writing Assignment #1 (Best Workplaces)
o Explain how management practices in the “Best” company appear to enhance that
organization’s success and employee satisfaction.
4. Describe whether and how the management practices at the “Best” company appeal to you, whether
you would want to work there, and why or why not.
5. Don’t forget to cite your sources using APA style citations. Citations should include at a minimum the
two websites assigned (Fortune and GPTW), the company web sites

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