10 page 12pt Times New Roman Font double spaced. Using scholarly sources

In this order:
Company Background (Past, Present, and Future)

Current Business Model and Products (What is the company’s mission statement, objectives, and vision?)

Cost Breakdown Process of Menu Products (In other words, they invest $1.50 to make $5.00. What are the cost breakdown of IN-N-OUT’s cost of goods sold?)

External Supply Chain Network (What is the industry’s food supply chain? It starts from ranchers, bakers, farmers and ends up at your table. Explain how this network of interrelated activities function.)

Internal Operations Process (Does the name IN-N-OUT imply fast service? Contrast and compare several fast food chains and how they meet customer delivery times. Identify any bottlenecks.)

Re-engineered Process Flow (Once you have completed your research and analysis of the first 5 characteristics mentioned above, how would you improve IN-N-OUT’s external and internal operations? Process flow-charting works best here.)

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