Read these instructions carefully.
Your thread must be at least 200–275 words. This range is a minimum requirement, and NOT a maximum limit. You may write as much as you need to make your strongest arguments. Although more is not necessarily “better,” it is reasonable that the best discussions are the ones that show the best evidence in support of the assertions.

Your thread must reflect critical thought. There are two philosophical reference points that form the basis for our government, and by extension, our government’s role in securing our borders. These are (1) the Holy Bible, and (2) principles of self-governance as expressed in our Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. These principles were frequently articulated by our Founders and are provided for you in the document entitled American Founding Principles. For every discussion topic, try to relate the course content to real-world applications with biblical perspectives and link back to at least one Founding principle. Also, a minimum of 1 source is referenced appropriately; cite any sources used. More is better.

Using the 4 classical phases of disaster management, discuss how collaboration between public and private organizations can support phases one and two of the model. Choose a threat/hazard/disaster and describe the possible interactions and involvement of each organization. Consider specific agencies that could support desired goals. Be sure to link back to American Founding Principles as well references to the importance of private property in maintaining a balance of power between citizens and government (from the Balance of Power article)

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